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Port of Aarhus - Denmark  (ID: 1006)

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An all-purpose port The port has its own towage, pilot and mooring service which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The land areas and warehouses at the harbour are leased to port-related companies on short-term or long-term leases. The port is well-equipped with cranes for all purposes which are operated by the Port of Aarhus s own crane operators who are hired out at an hourly rate. Several service and production companies The functions at the port of Aarhus are carried out by a wide range of independent players that through close and efficient cooperation meet the needs and requirements of both those purchasing transport services and those providing them. A variety of companies specialising in transport operate their businesses from the port of Aarhus. These include companies such as forwarding agents, shipping line agents, shipbrokers, dis-tribution and warehousing companies, tally and inspection companies, container-hire companies and container repairers, hauliers and stevedoring companies. To gain easy access to the import and export of products, several large animal feedstuffs companies have decided to locate their production and storage facilities at the port close to the quays. Oil and petrol are distributed from plants in the Oil Terminal. Furthermore, there are several large factories at the port which on the basis of large volumes of imported vegetable oil and oilseed produce vegetable oil products for export. A modern port for all types of cargo Each year, approximately 8,000 ships dock at the port of Aarhus carrying a total of 10 million tonnes of goods. Almost 5 million tonnes of cargo are handled via the container and ferry services while the turnover of oil products amounts to almost 2 million tonnes; the last 3 million tonnes include bulk cargo such as animal feedstuffs and coal. The port has cranes for all types of cargo: 3 Post-Panamax container cranes, 5 Panamax container cranes, 2 bulk cranes, 9 quay cranes, 1 heavy-lift crane, 1 mobile crane A key transport junction in Northern Europe There are regular shipping services from the port of Aarhus to numerous different ports all over the world. The port of Aarhus has terminals for all purposes: Container Terminal North, Container Terminal East, Multi Terminal, Bulk Terminal, Oil Terminal, Wood & Timber Terminal, Ferry Terminal, Repair Yard, Fishery harbour and Marina and Harbour for wooden boats The port areas are continually being developed to meet the needs and requirements of its customers. An approved long-term plan includes the possibility of a further expansion of the port. Commercially run port operations The Port of Aarhus is a municipal self-governing port, led by a Board of Governors of seven members with the Mayor of Arhus as chairman. The daily management of the port is carried out by the Harbour Director. Financially, the Port of Aarhus functions as an independent entity without public subsidies. Profits are invested in the maintenance of the port infrastructure and the development of harbour facilities. The Port of Aarhus has 120 employees while approxi-mately 150 private companies at the port employ a further 4,000 people. The port to double in size The expansion of the port, which began in 1998, will be staggered over approximatly 25 years. When the expansion is complete, the port area will be increased to double its present size and will cover 360 hectares. The annual cargo-handling capacity will increase to approximately 20 million tonnes. The projected maximum water depth will be 15.5 metres alongside the quays as compared to 13.5 metres earlier. The cost of the building of the new harbour is estimated to exceed two billion Danish kroner. On the rights side of the white line is the port's long term extension plan. The red is marking the new port area finished in 2001. Three Post-Panamax gantry container cranes are available - each with a lifting capacity of 90 tonnes. First stage of the port's extension plan - a new container terminal East - is build as an extension of the present Eastern harbour. The new terminal was taken into use in April 2001 by APM Terminals. The new quay has water depths of 14 metres allowing the world's largest container vessels to call. New activities Possibilities for expansion exist at the Easter Harbour. Here the Multi Terminal can be enlarged as and when the need arises for further tankage and storage space for general cargo and loose goods The Danish port magasine is only available in Danish. Media information 2003 The Port of Aarhus is pleased to announce that publication dates in 2003 for the 40th volume of the Danish monthly magasine "ARHUS HAVN" are as follows: 6th January, 3th February, 3rd March, 7th April, 5th Mai, 2nd June, 7th July, 4th August, 1st September, 6th Oktober, 3rd November and 1st December. See the magasine together with advertisments (annoncer) in Danish.. Circulation and readers "ARHUS HAVN" is published in 3.900 copies and distributed free of charge to Danish shipping and forwarding agents, importers and exporters, transport operators, relevant maritime service companies etc. and to the press and politicians. 200 copies are distibuted to Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Belgium and UK. Advertising material Advertising material (mono) should be delivered as complete drawings or on disc with print. Colour material should be delivered on: CD-Rom, Syquest or Jazz. Screen: 60. Dead-line for material: 2 weeks before publication dates. Further information. Please contact Port of Aarhus, Kirsten Bruun, Marketing. Telephone +045. 8613 3266. Cruise vessels Port of Aarhus is able to accommodate three cruise vessels at a time at Pier 1 and Pier 2. The harbour is less than 10 minutes' walk from the city centre. In cooperation with Tourist Aarhus one day trips are arranged for the cruise passengers. An all-purpose port. Port of Aarhus - Denmark