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Gastaldi & Co SpA - Livorno  (ID: 10218)

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Livorno s is one of the principle ports in the Mediterranean and each year million of tons of cargo pass through it. Gastaldi & C. S.p.A. has its own offices there whose sole purpose is to make the loading, off-loading and distribution of cargo run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With its headquarters in Genova and field offices in the main cities and ports of Italy. The company's been organized in order to provide the widest possible range of services in the field of transport - whether it be by land, sea or air. Gastaldi represents various foreign firms, providing them with efficient operative, commercial and marketing structures. Thus, it's able to satisfy even the most intricate development needs. History The firm Gastaldi has strong and deep roots. It goes back to 1860 when the Genoese G.B. Gastaldi begins his activity as Ship-agent and Ship-broker. The firm's first significant transformation occurs in 1904 when Alessandro Cerruti takes the set-up and its management and, by and large, contributes to the setting up or development of the main Italian Shipping activities at the time. Gastaldi gets the representation for Italy of Messrs "Prince Line" (Gruppo Furness Withy), one of the most brilliant passengers and cargo operator from Mediterranean to North America. The firm also actively contributes to the project to develop a regular line from Mediterranean to the Bristol channel's ports, in the position as agents for Golden Cross Line di Cardiff. Alessandro Cerruti The firm also actively contributes to the project to develop a regular line from Mediterranean to the Bristol channel's ports, in the position as agents for Golden Cross Line of Cardiff. Alessandro Cerruti does, moreover, intervene as co-founder of the Shipping Company "Lloyd's Sabaudo" who operated the famous passenger liners with compound names such as "Conte Verde", "Conte Biancamano", "Conte Rosso" and others. Along more than a quarter of century, "Lloyd Sabaudo" has run successful lines services from Mediterranean to North America and Australia. At a later stage "Loyd's Sabaudo" was merged, upon governmental decision, with N.A.I. (Navigazione Generale Italiana), to form the then well know "Italian Line". The members of the Cerruti family have run Gastaldi's ever since and brought to it the best plans for the development and success of the firm, widening and diversifying the activity also beyond the pure Shipping. In 1949 Gastaldi gets the appointment as Agent for the Corporation of "Lloyd's" di Londra for the Naples and province area. In a short while, the appointment is extended to the entire North West of Italy, Sardinia, Rome - Lazio and Vatican City. In the fifties, the Gruppo Gastaldi reaches international dimensions and connections in the entire lines of Shipping and Transport. Specific business "divisions" are set up within the Group, under the control of the Central management. The fresh and agile model does produce goods results. At that time the civil aviation was developing itself, and in such a fresh line of business, Gastaldi started playing an important role. It began a sound cooperation with Messrs LAI - Linee Aeree Italiane (which then became ALITALIA). Consequently Gastaldi signed contracts of G.S.A. (General Sales Agent) for the best foreign Airlines at the time, such as , T.W.A., Canadian Pacific, LAV (Venezuelan Airline), then "Viasa", Varig, Qantas, South African Airways, Singapore Airlines, and others The Group, on the basis of the past valid results which have brought itself to the position as leader in the sectors of world transport by sea and air, outgoing and incoming tourism, Incentive and Business Travel, also activities in Financing, Insurance and Real Estates enjoys the position as a strong, agile and receptive set-up ready to cope with important future challenges. Monday 22 March 2004 Bunker Brokers Gastaldi's started the activity as bunker broker in 1976, and operated in such a capacity on a world wide basis, ever since. The staff has a long experience in bunkering ships and enjoy tight relationships with all major and independed suppliers all over the world. They are able to offer competitive bunker prices for delivery at any port of the world and they are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They can be contacted at the office direct phone numbers and the calls are automatically transferred to their mobile phones when the office is closed. They are at you disposal for prices information, hedging, fixed price contracts, technical advice or any other item connected with bunkering activity. In cooperation with Port Agency department, we have developed a scale of calling costs for vessels bunkering at the port of Augusta. Our local branch office can provide, at a competitive price, full assistance to vessel and crew during bunkering operations. Upon request, we can quote bunker prices inclusive of ship's calling costs. Every week the Bunker Department issues an Italian and Mediterranean Bunker Market Report with prevailing bunker prices applicable at the main Italian and Mediterranean ports, as well as a World Wide Bunker Market Report, with bunker prices and product availability in the main ports in the world. Staff: Mr. Giovanni Rossi Direct Line +39 105999 733/4 Fax 39 105999 276 Mobile ph. 39 335 6999130 email: Staff: Mr. Emilio Cassol 39 105999 733/4 39 105999 276 39 335 6999130 email: Ship Husbandry Gastaldi Tramp division is able to offer a complete range of agency and husbandry services all over Italy, through its own offices at the main ports and sub-agents at the minor ones. Our own offices are located at the ports of Genoa (HQ), LaSpezia, Livorno, Napoli, Augusta, Siracusa, Ancona, Venezia, Chioggia and Trieste. The net-work of Gastaldi offices is linked by dedicated voice and data lines to our Genoa HeadQuarter, to allow quick communications and better coordination of our work. All operational and financial matters are centralized at the HQ in Genoa. Gastaldi's enlists among its Customers a large number of ShipOwners, ShipOperators, Charterers and Traders, who appoint us on regular basis to assist any type of vessels, being them dry bulkers, products and chemical tankers, tweendeckers or boxshaped conventional ships, roll-on/roll-off and car carriers, cruise and passenger ships. Our main target is to ensure vessel's smooth and efficient port turnaround, as well as a close cost control, to the benefit of our Principals. Line Agency Gastaldi's operates as General Agent for shipping liners since the early days of its life. Today, a number of very important Freight Lines are using the services offered by Gastaldi, and all of them recognize the high quality of the service, combined with the excellent reliability and efficiency of our organization. Our main goal is to provide our Principals with a tailor made service, capable to meet their expectations, in each corner of the business. As such, we have developped our own inside computer programs, which can either support all the necessary functions on its own, or can be easily interfaced to the Principals' systems. Our staff is regularly trained to improve the efficiency and be able to win the challenges of this business. Gastaldi's is present with own offices and personnel at the main ports and places of industrial and economical interest. Our sales managers do enjoy long lasting and deep friendly relationships with almost all potential customers of their respective geographical area. Well educated customer service teams are available at each office, to meet our customers first request. Pricing, Logistic and Accounting are centralized at our Genoa HeadQuarter. Livorno s is one of the principle ports in the Mediterranean and each year million of tons of cargo pass through it. Gastaldi & Co SpA - Livorno