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Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd - Nanjing (China)  (ID: 10420)

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Eastport Nanjing In 2001, Eastport Nanjing was established. Our team in Nanjing provides ship-management and technical consultancy services to local shipowners and shippers. Our services are specially catered to shipowners and shippers who are keen to meet regulatory, operational and commercial standards in quality assurance, safety management and pollution prevention. Our aim is to build and help create an appropriate supply to meet the challenging and unchartered areas of domestic chemical shipping demands. At Eastport China, our comprehensive array of services also includes an up-to-date database of Chinese port, berth, ship and trade information, enabling our clients to tap on the latest developments in China. Our clients including major oil and chemical producers are always assured of high levels of service for their domestic shipping requirements. Established in 1980, Eastport Maritime is one of Asia's largest and most established shipbroking houses today. With a team of over 30 experienced brokers covering petroleum, chemical, vegetable oil and dry cargo shipping in international markets, we provide an extensive range of services to the shipping community. These include spot and contract chartering, time-charter, sales & purchase, shipping consultancy, general agency, etc. Eastport Maritime has grown from a modest four-member operation in our first year of business to a diversified shipbroking group of 90 personnel worldwide. Since 1995, we have established offices in China, the USA and Europe to better serve our international clientele. In the constantly evolving global environment, Eastport Maritime will continue to pursue opportunities for expansion and remain focused on building our strength in the Asia Pacific region. Service Beyond Expectations In forging a close relationship with our clients, we have become an integral part of their business. Our energetic team of qualified brokers and operations personnel work diligently to provide full service support at high levels of responsiveness, and precise decision-making that effectively and continuously responds to clients' needs. Services From vegetable oils and dry cargo to petroleum and chemicals, Eastport Maritime has built a strong reputation as a multi-talented shipbroker serving a wide spectrum of shipping needs. Anticipating Tomorrow's Shipping Needs CHEMICAL The chemical department works closely with all major oil and petrochemical producers, and international petrochemical traders. Our greatest strengths are complete knowledge and expertise in Asian chemical shipping markets, our global network and system, as well as extensive coverage of the various segments and reciprocating shipowners' support. VEGETABLE OIL The bulk of Eastport Maritime's business was in palm oil cargoes when we were established in 1980. Our vegetable oil business has grown steadily over the years to cover the full range of edible oils. So has our knowledge and capabilities in this area. DRY BULK Our dry cargo department is a joint venture with Yamamizu Shipping Co Ltd of Japan. Together, we offer the best of knowledge in our respective regions, and extensive geographic network and reach. PROJECTS Created in 2002, our projects department consolidates and focuses our efforts on the time-charter, sale & purchase, and new-building contracting of ships. And through our global system, our clients are ensured optimal results. PETROLEUM We are a leader in the petroleum market, dealing in both the crude oil and refined product trades. A specialist in deep-sea tankers ranging from MRs of 30,000 dwt to ULCCs of 300,000 dwt, our knowledge and familiarity with the players in individual markets stand us in excellent stead to transact with ease and confidence. Our services are specially catered to shipowners and shippers who are keen to meet regulatory, operational and commercial standards... Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd - Nanjing (China)