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Mr. Tomas Instefjord
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In the text block you can see my CV. I try to update this information constantly.
Last Update: 02.05.2011 16:15:34
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Country: Norway (Kingdom of Norway)
Port (City): Oslo
Full (perhaps any confidential) information HERE
SeaSecure Courier AntiVirus.

The SeaSecure Courier AntiVirus has been used by leading maritime compaines since 2007.

Courier Antivirus updates for Symantec:

With the rapid spread of new viruses via e-mail and USB sticks, it has become more and more important to keep antivirus software up to date.

On a marine vessel this is often a troublesome task, as the definition files are usually too large to be downloaded electronically.

The solution is to use SeaSecure Couriers AntiVirus to send incremental virus definitions to the vessel, meaning that only the data changed since the last update is transmitted.

SeaSecure Courier AntiVirus Features:

▼ ▼ Manageable file sizes.  

▼ ▼ Scan engine updated,you’ll never need to send cds onboard.  

▼ ▼ You always know the update status of every pc on the vessel.

▼ ▼ Scan engine updated at the same time as definition files.  

▼ ▼ Automatic reporting back.   

▼ ▼ Customer knows when pcs have been updated.  

▼ ▼ Files sent never exceed 480kb.

Courier is a subscription service. When you subscribe you will receive a software package to install on-board. (The Symantec antivirus application is not a part of the subscription and must be purchased if not already installed.) Normal update frequency will be once a week. However, this can vary depending on how crucial the new virus definitions are. The file will then be sent from Confido Courier by email. 

When the e-mail is received on the ship, the attached definition file is automatically extracted to the Courier import folder. Courier will then update the virus definitions on all clients on-board. The Courier service on the vessel produces a status file weekly which is then placed in the Courier export folder and then automatically returned by email. 

We load the status file into our client database. The file will contain information about received virus definitions and which version is implemented on each client. If a definition file is missing it will be resent. All irregularities will be notified to the ship and to other designated personnel.


▼ ▼ Supports Symantec Antivirus Endpoint Protection and Enterprise/Corporate Edition

▼ ▼ Incremental update of antivirus definition and scan engine

▼ ▼ Weekly updates or at frequency requested. No need to send CDs to vessels.

▼ ▼ Status and logs are returned to Courier’s central database. Notification of all events (virus attacks, license expires, etc.) is sent to vessel manager.

▼ ▼ Works with dial up dial up 56 Kb > + FB, Iridium Open port and Vsat users will also benefit. File size never exceed 480Kb.

▼ ▼ Integrates with leading marine communication suppliers


▼ ▼ Fewer vessel visits for clean up. More stable PC networks onboard. IT staff can focus on more important tasks.

▼ ▼ To know the update status at any time on every PC on board creates peace of mind.

▼ ▼ All automated, no more preparing/sending CDs.


▼ ▼ Save money: less downtime PCs, less travel to vessels, less work on anti-virus update.

SeaSecure Inc. 
Norway Sales and Support
Greece Sales and Support:
Philippine Support:

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