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Mr. Ahmed Adel Labeb
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In the text block you can see my CV. I try to update this information constantly.
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Port (City):
Dear Mr. Ahmed Adel Labeb, please, fill your residence

Full (perhaps any confidential) information HERE
54 Omar Makram St, El Radwan Building
Port Fouad, Port Said, Egypt
Masakn El Shrook Elnady Elahly building 16 Flat 12 Nasr City, Cairo
Tel: (202) 0663406047 
Mobile: (2010) 5278360

Seeking a professional career position in a well-established organization, where my interpersonal skills, academic background and qualifications can be applied, developed and well utilized. 


2000 - 2003	                        Suez Canal University               Port Said, Egypt
	Faculty of Commerce
o	Bachelor in Accounting


Sep 07 -Till now 

CMA CGM EGYPT ( Head office ) 
Located City Stars Capital 2 floor 7 - Cairo

Finance Dept ( Cost Control ) 
Controller for Sokhna and Alex port :-  

• Receiving invoices from AP ( Accounts Payable ) by email or by hand .
• Check vsl's invoices ( disc, load , insp ,storage ,Pilotage ,Towage ,Tonnage dues ,Berth dues ,etc...) according to port tariffs .
• Check treasury's invoices for each port according to emails attached with invoices.
• Responsible to approve invoices.

• Prepare reports for my manager like :-

1)  COD report .... Change of destination for containers .
2)  Tug report ... for CMA CGM vsls .
3)  Create debit notes and its report .
4)  Filling all invoices for each vsl in one file to be able to recheck .
5)  Prepare Cost control report for each month with invoices num. 
6) Prepare report for disc cntr for other none Cma cntrs for each month .

• Check with account dept in terminals for reconciliation .

MAR 07 – SEP 07

Finamr Alexandrina as agent for YANG MING line. ( Head Office )
Located at Alexandrina .
Senior for Equipment Control Department  :-
• Responsible for movement for containers.
• Replay for reports for idle containers.
• Prepare reports for stock.
• Reply emails for inquire for containers about its move.
• Check with other ports ( Port Said , Alx , DAM ) about stock in every port and arrange to  load empty containers 
• Adjust sys with logic movement with actual time.

Oct -06 Feb 07

Medlevant  as agent for Hapag-Lioyd ( Head Office )
Located at Alexandrina

Feeder & Mother operator  ( Operation Department )

1 ) Mother operator :-
• Preparing disc list – UFS booking and sending disc list for other agents.
• Reporting to planner with arrival and EDI file after departure.
• Handling booking with other agents to send final TBU to planner.
• Create movement for loading and disc after vsl sailing and report to our agent with TDR .
• Follow up for vsls with terminal.

2 ) Feeder operator :-
• Preparing disc and loading list and sending all docs to feeder's agent.
• Create movement for disc and loading after vsl departure.
• Sending work order after vsl sailing to UFS .
• Follow up for arrival and departure for feeders.

Responsible to update system with actual arrival and departure for Main liner and Feeder .

January 05 – 30 SEP - 06    GULFBADR             Port Said , Alexandria 

Feeder & Mother operator  (  Operation Department )

 Following up the transmit movement and sending the booking list for feeder vessels for ports.
 Receiving emails concerning importing and discharging containers on MV (Mother Vessels) and FV (Feeder Vessels).
 Prepare Print the different data (manifest, fright and bill of lading) to the Import Container.
 Providing the data of daily containers movement on shipments chain site.
 Feeding the data on ALDS system about the actual loading of each container.
 Prepare the list of transshipments and send it to the different ports and terminals.
 Receiving Bill of lading and correction sheet for each import container.
 Responsible of last minutes changes such as changing the final destination.
 Answering the inquiries concerning the expected delivery date and ship's details….etc. 
 Providing support for other members in the staff.
    Prepare Print stowage plan for Port Said Terminal (Special type, special cargo, General stowage) and print also every bay plane for our vessels .  
	January 02 – August 2004            Kandeel Company                 Port Said ,Egypt

 Responsible for goods report inside the warehouse.
 Prepare monthly report for the financial status.
 Determine the company progress level every month.
 Working on the company private IT system. 

January 99 – August 2001         International Language Center (ILC)      Port Said ,Egypt                                                                 

Public Relation Manager

 Coordinating the courses with different companies. 
 Preparing monthly plans of each course.
 Making market survey to be able to determine the market needs.
 Solving the customer’s queries.
 Following up our performance to satisfy and fulfill the clients needs. 

Language Skills:
 Arabic :     Mother Tongue
 English:     Good command of both written and spoken

Computer Skills:

A. Excellent Usage of: 		
 Windows Me,2000 and XP & Windows vista 
Microsoft Office XP & Microsoft Office 2007 
o Microsoft Word
o Microsoft Excel
o Microsoft PowerPoint 
 Internet Explorer.
Good hardware knowledge.
Wide and strong knowledge in securing the PC.
Practical experience at network software's.

Personal Skills :-
1- Active person with team work.
2- Capable to learn any system at short period.
3- Have a good communication.
4- High & speed performance.
5- Follow up customers through phone calls as well as updated them with required information through the phone.

B. I was Active Supervisor of an entertaining website , in which I am responsible of
 Three active sections.
 Feed the website with the data by FTP.
 Following up the topics and its activities.
 Controlling the forum in general.
 Providing support for members and website staff.
 Follow up the members' performance and make sure everything is abiding to the assigned rules and regulations.
           	Willing to have my own website soon.
Computers, following the Spanish league, music and reading. I have a strong ability to learn.  

1) Date of Birth  :   21 December 1980 
2 ) Place of Birth :    Egypt
3)  Marital Status:   Married 
4)  Military Status:   Exempted

This document must be completed in English.

If before contact Mr. Ahmed Adel Labeb you want to know additional information about him