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Mr. Modather Mohamed Metwally
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In the text block you can see my CV. I try to update this information constantly.
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Dear Mr. Modather Mohamed Metwally, please, fill your residence

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Personal Info.:-

Name:   Modather Mohamed Metwally Abd-El.salam. 
Date of Birth: 15 / 9 / 1985.
Place of Birth: Saltant Oman.
Home country: Port said, Arab Republic of Egypt.

Collage: Sadat academy for management science. 
Degree: Bachelor in management of Petroleum & Energy institutions. 
Grade Point Average (GPA): Good. 
Graduation date: 25 / 7 / 2006.

Marital status: Single.
Military service: Exempted. 

Cell phone NO.: 012-7627213 / Home phone NO. : 066-3332118.

Computer skills:-

International computer driving license ( ICDL )
- Graphics programs ( Macromedia flash 8.0 & Adobe Photoshop Cs 8 )


- 1st  : Arabic  ( Mother tongue )
- 2nd : English ( Reading, Writing and speaking )

Previous Jobs:-

- Semi supervisor at El- Lottas Factory at the industrial area in port said..
- Bar code maker at TransAfrica factory at the industrial area in port said.
- advertising agent for Smoha training center for Mobile manufacturing. 
- I worked as "a casher" for El-far Co.
- Shipping agent in Michel Junior shipping Agency.

What I studied at the academy:-

- Accounting branches : 

- Financial accounting.                              - Cost accounting
- Petroleum Company's accounting.         - Business

- Management : 

- Management of companies and organizations.
- Management of Production.           - Marketing.
- Development and Planning.           - Management of human  resources.                                

Personal features:

- Acquire new skills quickly.           - Helpful member while team working.
- Working well under pressure.      - Having the well to learn.
- Ambitious.                                      - Patient.

This document must be completed in English.

If before contact Mr. Modather Mohamed Metwally you want to know additional information about him