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Mr. Samir Bose
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Mr. Samir Bose
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Country: India (Republic of India)
Port (City): Tuticorin - Gulf of Mannar
Full (perhaps any confidential) information HERE
Ocean Freight Service:

Shreya Shipping operates as both forwarder and NVOCC, enabling us to offer LCL FCL customers a wide variety of transit times at highly competitive rates.
Port to Port or door-to-door, we'll work with you to manager all phases of transportation from origin through final destination based on your specific needs.
To compliment our transit times we offer freight tracking electronic pre-alerts.
EDI based billing customized performance reports and consolidation / deconsolidation services at over 200 ports worldwide. 

Time definite, cost effective services include:
    ■ ▼ ■  Global NVOCC-FCL and LCL
    ■ ▼ ■  FCL and Contract Management
    ■ ▼ ■  Fixed Weekly schedules
    ■ ▼ ■  Cost Effective rates and Transit times
    ■ ▼ ■  Timely and Accurate Documentation

Supported by:
    ■ ▼ ■  Worldwide Network of Gateways
    ■ ▼ ■  Multiple Volume Contracts with Ocean Carriers in all Geographic Locations
    ■ ▼ ■  Network and Infrastructure

    ■ ▼ ■  Efficient Control and Distribution of Documents
    ■ ▼ ■  Accurate and Error free documentation and billing
    ■ ▼ ■  Shreya Shipping having customs clearance department with brokerage team provides expedited cargo release on a global scale. We combine extensive customs experience with the latest information technology to eliminate delays and provide expert compliance management services to customers worldwide. Our menu of services includes global pre-clearance, automated classification, and bonded warehousing. To further assist our brokerage customers, we offer assistance with compliance reviews, product classification, duty drawback, DEPB, 'reasonable care' and protest filing. Our highly skilled professionals will work with you to support and strengthen your company's global import strategy by identifying areas of concern and providing effective solutions.

Service include:
    ■ ▼ ■  Professional Entry Processing
    ■ ▼ ■  Total Compliance Management
    ■ ▼ ■  Classification and Valuation Assistance
    ■ ▼ ■  Drawback Filing
    ■ ▼ ■  Import and Compliance Consulting

Supported by:
    ■ ▼ ■  Customs Information Services
    ■ ▼ ■  Licensed Customs Broken in all Major Ports
    ■ ▼ ■  Advanced Automation Tools
    ■ ▼ ■  Full Product Database Including Classification, Value Adjustments and OGL

    ■ ▼ ■  ABI/AMS Compliance Network an Infrastructure
    ■ ▼ ■  Offices in all major ports of entry
    ■ ▼ ■  Single point service centers available for multi-port entry
    ■ ▼ ■  Worldwide network of Gateways


Our NVOCC Services caters to the large exporters and importers who predominantly ship FCL loads.
We provide the most competitive rates and services from and to India our strength as a leading international forwarder combined with the strengths of our world wide partners enables us to obtain the most competitive rates from leading carriers.
Our philosophy of door to door services is well pronounced in this form of transportation too.
In order to provide our customers a dependable and cost effective solution to ship their LCL cargoes globally, Shreya Shipping Lines has developed a LCL cargo consolidation program with emphasis on weekly direct services to and from major cities and sea ports all over the world. 

Coupled with the experience we've gained over the years, we have formulated a comprehensive LCL sailing schedules to and from worldwide with fast and reliable transit time, frequent and fixed day closings and competitive pricing.
Needless to say, our strong team of qualified and well trained consolidation specialists in India and overseas and committed to "deliver service around the world".
That means our job is to customize services to meet individual customer requirements and to work as partners with our customers for their logistic requirements.

Moreover, we also provide buyers' consolidation services which we coordinate different shippers on behalf of buyers to from multi shippers full box with maximum loading capacities without extra services charges.

Warehousing and Distribution Services:

Shreya Shipping lines distribution network is designed to support your global sourcing and distribution needs on a local level. We offer secure warehousing and distribution space in strategic locations worldwide. Our modern facilities offer a full range of logistics services including vendor consolidation, crating, 'pick and pack* and direct-to-customer shipping - with specific provisions for both high-value and hazardous goods. 
Services include:
    ■ ▼ ■  Vendor consolidation and quality management
    ■ ▼ ■  Crating and packaging
    ■ ▼ ■  Pick and pack and order fulfillment programs
    ■ ▼ ■  High value cargo storage and security
    ■ ▼ ■  Hazardous material management
    ■ ▼ ■  Direct to customer shipping or customer distribution center bypass programs

Supported by:
    ■ ▼ ■  Information systems
    ■ ▼ ■  Inventory management Network and Infrastructure:
    ■ ▼ ■  Facilities offer state-of-the-art consolation / deconsolidation capabilities, warehousing,
    ■ ▼ ■  Special handling, bonded services, vendor management and distribution
    ■ ▼ ■  24 hour security with cameras, guards, and fenced yards

Plot No. 112A, Iind Street, C.G.E. Colony, Tuticorin - 628003, India

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