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WELCOME to Free Information Exchange

You can look through the more detailed information in a language convenient for you.

You are being invited to take part in
“Interactive Maritime Companies, Sites and Services CATALOGUE”

If you are a private person:
  • You can offer yourself to 81161 companies which take part in the project (independently from whether you dream about maritime career or you are the old maritime wolf) as a seaman, broker, consultant, surveyor, commercial agent, IT or Media specialist and so on.

If you are involved in the maritime business or you are dreaming about your business promotion in the maritime sphere you have found the right place.
  • 457203 persons from 81161 maritime companies will help you to:
    Buy, sell, find a vessel for your cargo, find a cargo for your vessel, get the necessary consultation from maritime specialists, invest your finance into maritime business, get the necessary investments for your business and many other things.

Quite important! Only serious partners will make their offers. SPAM is excluded! (Help)

You can look through the more detailed information in a language convenient for you.


As it was said before, each Catalogue user adds and changes information himself. And each user is an owner of his presented information at Catalogue.

Our users fill text blocks on mother tongue (comfortable language) to present himself.

Text blocks:

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If you are absolutely not interested in maritime industry and we have disturbed you by pure accident, we present our apologies. In order to avoid the similar situation in future please click on the below-mentioned link and follow the instructions given in it: